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Acrylic Display Products

Acrylic Display
Acrylic Display is one of the major contributions to store retails fixtures, advertising signage, display holders etc. Craft Render manufactures high quality acrylic displays in Malaysia. Acrylic displays are extremely useful not only as a marketing tool as point of sales material, but also extremely useful in enhancing the overall functionality of any exhibition booth. Desk and counter can easily make use of acrylic display to further improve the functionality and look of the shop. They come in a wide range of style and sizes to choose from.
Acrylic Standee
Acrylic standee can be explained as a free standing display that offers a unique display alternative. Acrylic standee is able to display item in a more dynamic point of view as compared to the traditional acrylic solutions. An acrylic standee can bring any product to life, literally. Craft render manufactures high quality acrylic standee varying of different sizes, from waist height to life-size acrylic standee. They are best used for exhibition, movie promotion, or just a mere product display stand.
Acrylic Display Showcase
Display showcase is widely used in retail outlet, especially at point of sales counters and desks. Craft Render manufactures display showcases in different forms and varieties that are readily available. We have an extensive collection of display showcases in our e-catalog. Display showcases are primarily used to hold small items, which includes cards, accessories, fragile objects, precious merchandises, jewelries etc.
Cosmetic Showcase
Cosmetic showcases are specially designed and manufactured in precision to cater to niche market. As we are all familiar with cosmetic products, they are made in small and tiny boxes. A decent cosmetic showcase should be able to display them with secure fits, while not reflecting a messy presentation. Acrylic cosmetic showcase is perfect for the purpose. Acrylic has a very high transparency value; therefore the focus will always be highlighted to the cosmetics.
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Acrylic Services We Provide

We offer a wide range of product showcase and acrylic display product services to help you grow your brand. From concept to production to assembly, our professionals will assist you in making the right choices that optimize your brand presence...