Laser Cutting

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Laser cutting is a growing common technology for marketers in Malaysia to cut their promotional items for their marketing needs. Laser cutting, in simple explanation, is a type of digital manufacturing technique known as subtractive. It essentially focuses a very large amount of energy compacted into small surface area generated by a laser, and cuts through materials in precision. Due to its efficiency and precision, laser cutting is commonly used in the marketing industry. The laser machine first receives order from digital inputs (in sizes, dimensions, shapes etc.) and cuts the material based on topographic information fed, usually contained in a vector file. Then, the laser machine will now blast the energy in different locations and trajectory onto the material plate to allow the item's surface to be delineated and decorated.

The possibilities with laser cutting is endless when promoting your products in Malaysia, where laser cutting allows for free form cutting. However, accurate descriptions about the item's shape and engraving must be properly laid out in the file, with specialized software and program. Laser cutting has allowed for far more breathing space in terms of flexibility and creativity. Applications that utilizes laser cutting in their manufacturing process extends to a large range, for example for architecture models, signage, toys, porotype models etc. Laser cutting essentially materializes digital ideas and information to real life physical products. For more information regarding laser cutting, and companying services that we provide, please feel free to browse on the rest of our laser cutting pages.

Laser cutting is one of the most precise cutting methods for acrylic products to be formed into creative shapes and designs. Laser cutting involves cutting the acrylic material with a concentrated energy in a small surface and blast through the material with high precision. It is usually used to cut materials with up to 10 mm thickness. There are different types of laser cutting available in the market, which can blast in pulses or in continuous trajectory. Depending on the end result we are trying to achieve, we sometimes mix and match two different cutting methods. We firstly feed the laser cutting machine with a vector file, which consists product measurements, designs, shapes etc. by using specialized software. This file will provide crucial information the laser cutter that cuts through our acrylic sheets.

Laser cutting is widely gaining popularity in recent years for its benefits offered. Laser cutting is very effective in many applications where rapid mass production is essential. It is proven than traditional cutting methods are not as accurate when it involves mass production. Limitations are now a thing of the past when laser cutting is in use, which also allows freedom of creation and quantity produced. Just to summarize on laser cutting advantages, here are a few pointers:

  • Extremely Clean and Precise Laser Cutting Work
  • Reduces Material Wastages from Quality Rejections
  • High Speed and Realistic Materialization from 2D Vector Files
  • Abe to laser cut on wide range of materials
  • Able to cut and engrave

In our business, our laser cutting services are mainly dealt with acrylic sheets. Acrylic sheets make perfect marketing material for it is durable, tough, and light in weight and has an excellent light transmission. With good laser cutting, we can transform amazing acrylic sculptress, display showcases and standees for wide variety of marketing use. We propose different colour with thickness up to 10 mm for best aesthetic results. For more information regarding our laser cutting services, or technology, please feel free to browse through the rest of the website.

Laser Cut Acrylic 3D Lettering / 3D Wording
Our Expertise

Laser Cut Acrylic 3D letters and logos are clean and modern when comes to acrylic signage display. The acrylic materials are cost effective and built to last. As one the best acrylic signage companies in Malaysia, we offer 3D lettering or 3D wording for your acrylic signage in varying size and mounting options. Our acrylic 3D letters and 3D wording are laser cut with precision, allowing us to create intricate shapes that translate well regardless of size. Laser cutting technology allows for very creative artwork to materialize. With its precise cutting trajectory, we are now able to recreate 3D Lettering and 3D Wording by using laser cutting. We are able to recreate such 3D artwork from up to 10mm of acrylic sheets. At Craft Render, we make sure that we only use continuous laser cutting with extreme precision and consistency. We will feed the laser machine with a vector file of the lettering desired, which will consists of the exact dimensions and font types. In recent years, laser cut 3D lettering is gaining quick popularity for what it is able to achieve. Not just aesthetically stunning, laser cut 3D letters are also more durable since they come in larger and thicker blocks. Their application spills through signage, marketing exhibits, logo etc. Compared to traditional methods, laser cutting technology for 3D lettering and 3D wording allows more room for creation and ideation.

Acrylic 3D Lettering is a great choice to display your company's name and logo for your signage. With polished edges from precise laser cut, they can portray a classy and modern feel compared to traditional 2D signage. All the letters are precisely cut with polished edges and they are available in multitude of colour variations. As for thickness, we usually advise to go not over 10mm in thickness. These acrylic 3D wording is very durable and light weight, so they can be installed very easily with good amount of flexibility. They can be fixated on walls, or other standees. 3D signage allows your company to stand out from the crowd, be it in a crowded street of competitors, or in an exhibition. These are high impacted 3D lettering solutions to gain eyeballs, indoor or outdoor due to acrylic's high translucent characteristics.

Craft Render's laser cut 3D Lettering / 3D wording solution is a complete well thought package, where you can have fabricated graphics, letters, fonts, and logo based on your requirements. We specilaize in laser cutting acrylic, where we will be able to professionally advise the colours and finished that goes into your final acrylic products. For more information, please feel free to browse through the rest of our website and catalogue.