Laser Cutting

Laser cutting is a special marketing technology and means for businesses to laser cut their signage for desired effects in Germany. Laser cutting, in simple words, is a new method of marketing technology known as material subtractive. The technology focuses a concentrated amount of energy to a small surface area generated by a laser, and cuts the acrylic sheet precisely. Due to its unrivalled accuracy, laser cutting is getting tremendous fame in the marketing industry. The laser machine will receive digital inputs orders for the exact dimensions, and cut the acrylic material based on topographic information, which fed as vector files into the computer. Now, the laser machine will now release the laser energy along the arc onto the acrylic material plate to allow the item’s surface to be outlined and decorated with perfect designs.

The creative possibilities with laser cutting is endless because laser cutting is perfect for free form cutting with complicated arcs and lines. However, this needs to be fed with accurate measurements about the item’s shape and engraving must be properly laid out in the vector file into the computer, with dedicated software. Laser cutting has helped created more design flexibility in acrylic signage. Laser cutting can also be used for many different occasions, for example for architecture models, signage, toys, porotype models etc. Laser cutting essentially materializes digital ideas and information to physical designs. For more information regarding laser cutting, and companying services that we provide, please feel free to browse on the rest of our laser cutting pages.

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