Acrylic Display Products

Cosmetic Showcase

Cosmetic showcases are specially designed and manufactured in precision to cater to niche market. As we are all familiar with cosmetic products, they are made in small and tiny boxes. A decent cosmetic showcase should be able to display them with secure fits, while not reflecting a messy presentation. Acrylic cosmetic showcase is perfect for the purpose. Acrylic has a very high transparency value; therefore the focus will always be highlighted to the cosmetics.

Like we have said before, cosmetic showcase should be cut in precision to small little compartments in accommodating a wide variety of cosmetics available in the market. That being said, there are still plenty of retailers that would love to add a pinch of creativity into their cosmetic showcases let it be colors, shapes, sizes, designs etc. At Craft Render we are proud to present the acrylic cosmetic showcase to anyone interested with cosmetic showcases. With the superior properties like mold-ability, great strength, high transparency, cheap cost, light weight etc., we just couldn't find an excuse to resist this versatile acrylic solution.

Our cosmetic showcases are specially designed to cater retail environments, and pharmacies, anchor outlets etc. They are perfectly cut accordingly to perfectly display products like mascara, lip sticks, eye shadows, foundations etc. The acrylic cosmetic display is very versatile to suit your retail environment. They can be designed to suit the types and quantity of cosmetics displayed. For more information, you can visit our ecatalog for Cosmetic Showcase.