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Benefits of Acrylic Sheets

What are acrylic sheets? It is actually a glass alternative made of transparent plastic. Acrylic sheets are a synthetic polymer of polymethyl methacrylate, also known as PPMA. It was used in WWII for many things like canopies and gun turrets because it is very strong and resistant to shatter. In this modern era, it is very suitable for aquarium tanks, ice rink protective shields, helmet visors, forklift guards and many more where the shatterproof property is much needed.

Acrylic Sheets are Easily Shapeable

When heated, acrylic can be molded easily into numerous shapes such as bottles, figurines, tubes etc. As it cools, it holds the formed shape. This makes it very easy to shape large sheets of acrylic into skylights and bow-front aquariums. Acrylic sheets can be drilled, machined and sawed like wood. Wood and plastic moulds can be used to shape acrylic, which makes manufacturers really save cost. Designers in 1960s began using acrylic in furniture. Now it is incorporated into guitar designs, and can be easily shaped into dentures or dental retainers.

Acrylic Sheets are Resistant to Water, Able to Retain Colour Very Well

The strength and toughness of acrylic makes it perfect for car windows and home windows. It is also used to make headlights of cars. Acrylic letters in outdoor signs hold up indefinitely, resists all sorts of weather conditions and makes the colour last long. The acrylic paints that artists use are very good at retaining colour because they are not affected by light at all. It has very good light refracting capabilities and it is weather resistant so it is no wonder that glass sculptors and artists use acrylic for outdoor designs.

Arylic Sheets are Lightweight

Acrylic is 2 times lesser in weight than glass, making it very much easier to handle. Due to this polymer’s lightweight property, acrylic shoes, artificial nails and dentures feel a lot more comfortable to use. Acrylic makes up most on the composite dental fillings, and it is also used in plastic and cosmetic surgery. Tiny amounts of liquid PPMA (its natural state) are injected into the skin to reduce or remove wrinkles and scars.

Arylic Sheets are Highly Transparent

Acrylic remains transparent for a long time; it does not yellow and maintains its optical clarity very well. This property is very vital for greenhouses, airplane windows, store-front windows and skylights. CCTV or surveillance mirrors use this polymer as well because of its strength. It is UV radiation resistant, and some manufacturers even coat motorbike shields and exterior windows with acrylic because of its durability.
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