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Malaysia Acrylic Standee Manufacturer

Acrylic standee can be explained as a free standing display that offers a unique display alternative. Acrylic standee is able to display item in a more dynamic point of view as compared to the traditional acrylic solutions. An acrylic standee can bring any product to life, literally. Craft render manufactures high quality acrylic standee varying of different sizes, from waist height to life-size acrylic standee. They are best used for exhibition, movie promotion, or just a mere product display stand.

These are best used with effective graphical illustrations and digital printings. Due to the fact that acrylic material allows plenty of lights to go through, the transparent properties help marketing cut outs to shine. Craft Render is proud to be the premier manufacturer of acrylic standee in Malaysia with tons of knowledge and experience to offer.

There is a wide range of application that could make clever use of acrylic standee. For example, they are used as temporary retail signage, banner holders, graphical displays, exhibition floor displays, large format permanent displays, light box displays, rotating displays, modular displays and counting. We have made acrylic standees a favorite among business owners in Malaysia, especially for exhibition and retail purposes.

Our acrylic display standee is extremely useful in enhancing the overall functionality of an exhibition display, apart from just being beneficial as point of sales material. We manufacture acrylic standees with a wide variety of size and styles. For example, we manufacture single pocket standees, where colors and styles are customizable to every road show and exhibition. We are confident that business owners will reap the greatest benefits from our acrylic standee. Acrylic standee is proven to be one of the best ways to show off your products/offerings on road shows. Browse through our ecatalog for more ideas on Acrylic Standee.

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