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Craft Render offers a large source of selection of acrylic sheets in Malaysia. We offer high quality and multipurpose acrylic sheets with high tensile strength and clarity to be able to mould into different products. Our acrylic sheets are manufactured using virgin Methyl Methacrylate monomer and pure pigments for colorations. This allows us to manufacture acrylic sheets of unrivalled clarity when compared to conventional plastic sheet products. With its high transparency glass like nature, our acrylic sheets can be used for both indoor, and outdoor decorative purposes, due to its high wearable nature. On top of that, acrylic sheets are commonly seen to withstand long life spans into decades. Unlike other plastic materials, they are non-yellowing even after years.

Acrylic sheets are widely adopted for good reasons. They offer plenty of benefits. Acrylic sheets are easily formable into different sizes with a little heat. On top of that, acrylic's nature is times stronger than glass, making them extremely durable with strong impact resistance. They are often used to help protect expensive materials, while being able to showcase them nicely. Today, acrylic sheets are used in so many different applications like Point of Sales signage, cosmetic and retails showcases, shop racks, medical devices, lighting, wall units etc.

Coming in various sizes, our acrylic plastic sheets are proven to be more impact resistant than glass materials, hence the flexibility in design and utilization. Craft Render sells acrylic sheets in various dimensions, sizes, shades and thickness. We offer on of the thickest acrylic sheets in the Malaysia market. For special requirements, we are able to tailor fabricate according to your size. Whatever your acrylic application needs, choosing the right acrylic sheets supplier is important for your project. Craft Render is able to cater to your demands. For more information, please visit our catalogue and the rest of the website.

Our acrylic sheet can be used for

diamond polishing
blade cutting
laser cutting
glue joining
acrylic bending
spray paint
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