Acrylic Display

Our Expertise

Acrylic Display is one of the major contributions to store retails fixtures, advertising signage, display holders etc. Craft Render manufactures high quality acrylic displays in Malaysia. Acrylic displays are extremely useful not only as a marketing tool as point of sales material, but also extremely useful in enhancing the overall functionality of any exhibition booth. Desk and counter can easily make use of acrylic display to further improve the functionality and look of the shop. They come in a wide range of style and sizes to choose from.

Acrylic material has always been a favorite among business owners. They simple make lovely display materials. They are widely utilized in the advertising industry. Aside from being tough and moldable, they never steal attention away from the main highlighted products; let it be their flagship offering, graphic illustration, product information etc. On top of that, acrylic displays seem to create an illusion of making the room and exhibition hall bigger, due to the fact that acrylic displays allow plentiful of lights to go through.

Acrylic display has the potential in displaying information and data in a very convenient way. Due to the fact that they have very high transparency level, it is hard not to stay focus on the portrayed information and marketing illustrations. These are actually a very versatile solution, protecting images and information they contain to extend their life in a way other display material lacks. Acrylic in nature is easy to clean, while providing a crystal clear view of your flyer, photo and other advertising material.

Those being said, acrylic display never appears to be a boring alternative. There are plenty of designs of acrylic display holders that are available from Craft Render to choose from a wide range of products. Businesses like restaurants love to use a variation of acrylic display in displaying their food, bakeries, menus, desserts, wine selections etc. It is an easy way to display a lot of information in front of your customer without overwhelming them. For more acrylic display information, please visit our ecatalog to browse through our collection on Acrylic Display.