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Acrylic Display Showcase

Craft Render manufactures quality acrylic display showcases, mainly for retail outlets and shopping mall outlets. Our display showcases come in various sizes, to be able to fit into different purposes like point of sales counters, exhibiting desks, wall units etc. Acrylic display showcase's main purpose is to display small items like jewelleries, accessories, merchandises and many more. They make a perfect display showcase for its high translucence, where items are further highlighted in comparison. Craft Render manufactures different sizes and dimensions of acrylic display showcases readily available for purchase.

We strongly believe that acrylic display showcases are superior in many ways. Due to the fact that acrylic material is extremely translucent, that allows up to 93% of lights to go through, acrylic display showcases allows for a dynamic view over the display product. We have been working closely with business partners from different services over the years to better understand their needs and demands. And we have been improvising our offering based on these feedbacks, and our acrylic display showcase is customized for collectibles, sunglasses, cosmetics, fragile merchandizes and many more. We ensure that the main highlight falls on your showcased item, with supplemental lighting to further enhance what is displayed.

Acrylic display showcase is an extremely powerful marketing tool, because of its moulding ability and flexibility. With proper heating, they can be formed into many different shapes and designs according to your marketing needs. These high quality display showcases and not just your ordinary store fixtures, because of its ability to be formed into creative shapes and designs. We are confident that these unique acrylic display showcases, paired with your products, will be able to capture eyeballs of pass byers in your shop, or in a flooded exhibition. We have a ready range of beautiful display showcase, ranging from different designs, colours and sizes to full tailor fabrication according to your marketing needs. For more information, please visit our catalogue and the rest of the website.

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