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Uses of Acrylic Sheets

Contact us for acrylic sheet Malaysia supplier. Acrylic is a polymer chain of PMMA or its full name – polymethyl methacrylate. This thermoplastic resin can be produced in a number of basic shapes and the most popular ones are acrylic sheets. It is a very versatile material and is mainly used in various fields for clear viewing. Here are a few common uses of acrylic sheets.

  1. Windows for Diving Pools/ Top Floor Apartment Swimming Pool SidesImage result for acrylic diving pool

Acrylic sheets are commonly produced as an aid to diving and swimming instruction enabling coaches to observe their students in action.  Underwater windows made of acrylic in this modern era are now used for private pool designs, to make it look exquisitely stylish and classy.

  1. Aquarium WindowsRelated image

For aquarium construction, acrylic is simply the best material. Acrylic has been used for centuries in the building of fish tanks. Many aquarium galleries use acrylic for their cylinder aquariums and tunnels.

  1. Windows of Ships and Cruises

Ship windows can be used for either near the water line or submerged. These windows are used to observe marine and aquatic life as well as monitoring the sea floor. Acrylic sheets are very transparent and do not become yellow and hazy over time so it is the best material for this purpose.

  1. Architectural Glazing
  2. Related image

Tempered glass, also known as float glass, is not made to bear loads and loads of heavy weight. On the other hand, acrylic panels can be used as structural elements in architectural building. Acrylic has proven to retain its balance and stability over a number of decades.

  1. Display & Exhibition Purposes
  2. Image result for acrylic artwork frame

Thin acrylic sheet with 10 mm or less thickness is typically used for the framing of artwork. Acrylic glazing with UV ray filtration is used for artworks that need to be shipped overseas in their frames. Acrylic is light so it is very easily movable. It also has the ability to protect the artwork from any damages because the glazing is strong and even if the glaze breaks, the artwork will still be protected.

  1. Flood WindowsImage result for flood windows

Many buildings these days are ovate by liver, lakes and even seas, in which the water levels are unpredictable. These buildings are constructed in such a way that they can withstand the worst floods. These acrylic windows keep the water outside of the building, so those who are inside will be protected. This is most commonly called a Flood Defense System and acrylic plays a vital role in engineering the special durable window and wall.

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