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How to Display Artwork Using Acrylic Sheets

An essential part of displaying artwork is by using frame and we all know that. It is very important to select the best type of material that will not only protect your precious artwork from damaging itself but also displaying it very uniquely. Acrylic sheeting is one of the most popular ways to display your artworks because of its remarkable strength and shatter-proof properties. Here we have compiled some brilliant ways to display your beautiful artworks in a safe yet attractive way using acrylic sheeting.

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1. Single Wall Panel Mounted Acrylic Artwork Frame
Acrylic artwork frame with a single wall panel is said to work best for smaller artwork which are not too thick. These types of acrylic sheets artwork frames can use magnets to hold your artwork securely and professionally, focusing the viewers’ attention fully on your artwork because of its simplicity. These acrylic sheeting frames are a lot stronger than wood frames and are specifically designed to easily replace artwork and other printed material or even textiles without hassle.

2. Double Wall Panel Mounted Acrylic Artwork Frame
For artwork that is heavier and thicker can average paper, we recommend using a double wall panel method for your acrylic artwork frame. This will hold your artwork in place with 2 instead on 1 piece of acrylic sheeting to ensure maximum security. Double wall panel acrylic sheeting is stronger than having it done as single panel, despite being a lot lesser in weight than glass or wood frames with the same dimensions.

3. Acrylic Sheet Wall Cases
Artwork is not something that comes in a one size fits all; therefore acrylic displays also come in a variety of shapes and dimensions. Artwork that is 3D may require an acrylic case or box. Acrylic sheet wall cases are specifically designed to hold in an assortment of different materials including 3D works and other types of bulky art pieces like sculptures or statues. Acrylic sheets can be fused together, leaving one open side to be mounted to the wall.

4. Tabletop Acrylic Sheet Frame
If your artwork is the portable, then we suggest you use a tabletop acrylic sheet frame. It is somewhat alike to single and double wall panel artwork frames, but tabletop acrylic displays typically use acrylic sheets that have the abilities to hold artwork in place using magnetic corners. Tabletop acrylic sheet frames are ideal for small pieces of artwork which are designed for temporary setups like house staging.



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