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Applications of Acrylic Sheets Today

Acrylic plastic has hundreds of thousands of different uses, ranging from daily products to vehicles like cars and ships and consumer electrical components etc. Acrylics are very dependable, strong plastics. They are a very versatile material that can be used in many fields for crystal clear viewing.

What is the Importance of Acrylics?

Acrylic sheets are often chosen for its strength, durability, impact, colour as well as pattern possibilities. A lot of people do not know that acrylic sheets are actually everywhere. Even on things you might not expect, such as the ‘’glass’’ on your cell phone, watch, car windows as it is very resistance to crack and weighs less. Acrylic sheets can have mirrored finish applied to it so it can be used for your side and rear view mirrors.

Acrylic sheets have great transparency, in fact just like glass. The diffusing panel that hides bulbs in your fluorescent light is no more glass, it is most probably acrylics. Acrylics can be formed to nearly any shape and it is everywhere you go. It is the billboards, the café signs, the stop signs, the transparent walls in boutiques etc.

Here are some applications of acrylics in daily life:

  1. Acrylic handicraft

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Clear acrylic sheets are an extremely versatile craft medium that is relatively cheap and strong, yet mimics the beauty of shining glossy glass. Acrylic crafts typically take advantage of the natural transparency the material has for embedding found pictures. Acrylic sheets generally create a lot less mess compared to any other materials out there. Little do people know that poured acrylic resin actually offers more flexibility without the need of any power tools. Acrylic creations will last for many years or even decades, and it only requires periodic cleaning to have it look good all the time.

  1. Diving/ Swimming Pool Windows

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Acrylics are typically used in swimming and driving instructions to enable coaches to observe their swimmers and divers in the water. Underwater windows are now used for a stylish private pool design among the rich and elites.

  1. Acrylic Architectural Glazing

Tempered glass (a.k.a float glass) is not designed to bear heavy loads. Acrylic panels however can be used as structural elements in building architecture because studies have proven that it can successfully retain its stability over up to several decades.

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