Acrylic Display Showcase Products Malaysia

Acrylic Showcase Products

Acrylic showcase products are magnificent marketing tool that are actually functional. These are elegant, comes in variety of style and gives that lift to your showcases. We have pushed innovation beyond imagination, thanks to the enormous market demands for acrylic showcase products. We now have an impressive array of acrylic showcase products for businesses.

Acrylic Display Standee

These are definitely one of the best way to market your products. It captures attention instantly, makes you remember all the highlights behind. They can be placed literally anywhere around your shop, be it the cashier, door step or the outdoor pavements. The acrylic display standee plays its role in enthralling customers so that they might grab one if they are in the mood, we never know.

Acrylic Display Holder

Acrylic Display Holder can be specifically crafted into different shapes and dimensions for collection of items, or in some cases your display items. We usually a lot in departmental stores and pharmacies to showcase their cosmetics and other related offerings. When complemented by sufficient lighting, they shine at best with superior transparency level and clarity. It just looks more attractive to customers. The versatility of acrylic display holders allow retailers to customize their marketing strategies accordingly.

Acrylic Floor Stand

Acrylic Floor Stands are designed to display a huge array of items without taking up too much floor space. If you are operating within limited retail space these are your best solution. They re suitable for many purposes, for example to display menus outside of the entrance of your restaurants. They can be used to display brochures and information leaflets during exhibitions. Designed to be seen at wait height, they hardly fail in capturing attention. They have been replacing bulky cabinets for better receptions.

Acrylic Wall Unit

This particular acrylic wall unit serves different purposes, but widely used in departmental stores to promote brands and products. They are unique because it can be adjusted to huge height extends. They are much safer to use than glass units because it does not shatter upon impact.

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