Acrylic Display Showcase Products Malaysia

Acrylic Display Box as an Affordable POP & Countertop Merchandising Option

Craftrender is a Malaysia prominent acrylic plastic point of purchase (POP) displays supplier. Acrylic Display Boxes are cheap options that come in a variety of styles in creating custom merchandizing arrangements. Acrylic boxes are durable to hold collectibles, figurines or other products in a retail environment. Acrylic material is rated to have leading surface hardness in its class. Due to the fact acrylic material has a high transparency level; it would be the ideal choice to display merchandizes. It offers both protection and display ability. Acrylic display cases are manufactured in CNC laser engraving to ensure highest quality and cut costs on labors and time. This process makes sure every edge is smoothly cut and polished. As a result you get a refined piece of acrylic product, without having the need for diamond polish or flame polish in the future. Whether you are choosing acrylic display boxes for personal use or retail fixtures for your product, we make sure we at Craft Render can make it.


Put these acrylic display boxes on retail counters or shelves to showcase your items. There should be no need to worry about thefts, as acrylic display cases can be built with locks and keys. Acrylic display cases would be best in displaying electronic gadgets to allow attention to details. They can be easily seen from different direction to allow products to shine. Organizing them accordingly would not be a problem as we have a variety of sizes on acrylic display cases. It is also possible in creating compartments in the acrylic display showcases to accommodate different types of products and collectibles.


What are the benefits to displaying items in acrylic display cases?

  • If you run a retail store you most likely have small valuable items that you want to display, but don’t want customers to have access to without your presence. These locking trophy display cases will keep your high-ticket items secure, and in clear sight of your patrons.
  • These clear cabinets will also keep your delicate electronics, or fragile collectibles free from dust.
  • One of the great benefits to these acrylic display cases is their size. One person can easily lift and relocate these cases, allowing you to create a display in another area of your store.
  • Flexible in design with strong mold ability
  • Comes with a variety of color options.

Acrylic is commonly used in different applications due to the qualities it offer.

  • Furniture and display items, marketing merchandizes and exhibition displays
  • Household products from kitchenware to stationery holders, ornaments etc.
  • Automotive parts
  • Interior lighting fixtures
  • Industrial Applications
  • Signage and silk screens
  • And many more.

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