Acrylic Display Floor Stands Supplier Malaysia

Acrylic Display Floor Stands

Craft Render manufactures acrylic display floor stands for versatile applications. Floor stands are gaining popularity among shop and retail outlet owners, for its versatility in style and size. These acrylic floor stands are perfect to showcase paper materials like brochures, magazines, posters, bulletins, menus, spec sheets etc. They offer perfect functionality, and a unique look to stand out from the crowd. It has endless possibilities to your marketing campaigns.

Our range of acrylic display floor stands are manufactured only by using the highest grades of Methyl Methacrylate monomer to ensure long lasting durability. These advertising stands are offered in various frame sizes and height, and designs of pocket attachments to fit your marketing collaterals. They are usually designed to be double sided, so that you can display your brochures back to back for maximum 360 degree exposure. We have been working with business partners over the years, and their feedback has helped us improved our range of acrylic products. Our acrylic floor stands are designed at a height that meets the eye level. Your posters will be comfortable to glance, and easy to capture attention in a crowded exhibition. They can be placed in many different occasion, for example a podium, an exhibition, road side, point of sales counter etc. With the high truculent acrylic stands, the only thing that people will notice is your marketing graphic works.

Acrylic display stands are widely adopted for another reason – durability. They can be used indoor and outdoor for its robust weather proof qualities. Acrylic by nature is extremely durable compared to the likes of glass materials, hence they can be used indoors and outdoors. Constructed with rigidity in mind, these floor stands are steady units that will not wobble or defect in shape after periods of usage. The thick base will keep the floor stand firmly in place, even with accidental knocks. We have a series of readymade acrylic display floor stands, but if you have special requirements in mind, please feel free to give us a call. For more information, please browse through the rest of our catalogue and our website.

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