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Acrylic Laser Cutting & Engraving Services

Craft Render offers professional acrylic laser cutting and engraving service in Germany, mainly to help local businesses flourish and justify their business value through business signage. Acrylic laser cutting is a precise method in cutting acrylic sheets into desired shaped and dimensions. Accompanied with laser engraving technique, we are able to help conceptualize ideas from a 2D image, to a 3D signboard. From conceptual stage to production and assembly, Craft Render will work hand in hand with businesses to ensure our final product sits in line with your business values. These can be extremely useful in road shows, signboards &signage, exhibitions etc. Our professional laser cutting and engraving service ensures all shapes and designs are perfectly cut to precision, to help achieve complex ideas. Our spectrum of services in acrylic laser cutting includes:

  • Exhibition Display Showcase and Product Launch display
  • In-store and outdoor Acrylic Showcase & Point-of-Sale display
  • Counter Top and Floor Standing Display & Dispensers
  • Window Dressing – Design and Display Showcase
  • Interior and Exterior Signage
  • Acrylic Display Carbonate fabrication
  • Acrylic Laser Cut Services
  • 2D and 3D laser precision cutting and engraving
  • Computer Cut-out Vinyl Sticker
  • Letter Router (timber and Perspex)
  • Screen Printing and Vacuum Foaming
  • Computer Ink Jet Printing

Why Choose Us As Your Acrylic Partner in Germany

Creative Solutions
Customized solutions for your individual needs
Impactful Ideas
Displays that capture attention and draw sales
Uncompromising Quality
Aesthetically pleasing and user-friendly
Dedicated Team
Highly skilled workforce with same values and passion
Competitive Prices
Unparalleled quality at reasonable rates
Quick Turnaround Time
Crucial element in meeting marketing goals
Attention to Detail
We leave no stone unturned to achieve customer satisfaction
Technology Behind Our Acrylic Success

Our factory boasts state-of-art technologies costing millions of dollars. These investments ensure optimum production all year round to elevate your business values. Our facilities include machineries for:

  • 2D & 3D Laser Precision Cutting & Engraving
  • Computerized Large Format Sticker Cutting
  • Timber and Perspex Letter Router
  • Diamond Polishing

Laser Cutting and Laser Engrave Services in Germany

Acrylic is commonly used in business and marketing needs due to its versatility in Germany. In order to help elevate business values with creative marketing ideas, laser cutting and laser engraving services offer ultimate precision to meet the most stringent standards. There are different types of laser cutting available in the market, which can blast in pulses or in continuous trajectory. Depending on the acrylic product we are trying to achieve, we often mix and match two different cutting methods for optimal results. The machine will be fed with a 2D imagery, which consists precise measurements, designs, shapes etc. by using proprietary software. This file will provide crucial information the laser cutter that cuts through our acrylic sheets. Laser cutting allows for high and delicate details to be shown in a 3D format to form the final product. Craft Render has been providing this service in Malaysia, Germany and other countries for many years, to be able to understand the needs and wants from local businesses, and to conceptualize from great artists. Our modern machineries and equipment allows us to breakthrough endless creativities. We provide laser cut of acrylic in either solid colour, silver, gold or even printed to match your colours, gradient and design. We are competent acrylic laser cutting services providers. Just contact us for any project where you will like to have custom cut acrylics. We have a wide range of suggestions when it comes to acrylic materials in Germany. Just let us know your specific need and we will advise you accordingly, or have a good browse over our acrylic laser cut portfolio for a better understanding.

Craft Render is a Germany acrylic display company specializes in acrylic display products, acrylic showcase, display showcase and acrylic cosmetic showcase. Craft Render since its inception as a small production outfit...
We offer a wide range of acrylic product showcase and acrylic display product services to help you grow your brand. From concept to production to assembly, our professionals will assist you in making the right choices that optimize your brand presence...