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Display showcase is widely used in retail outlet, especially at point of sales counters and desks. Craft Render manufactures display showcases in different forms and varieties that are readily available. We have an extensive collection of display showcases in our e-catalog. Display showcases are primarily used to hold small items, which includes cards, accessories, fragile objects, precious merchandises, jewelries etc.

Craft Render manufactures acrylic display showcase for its superior properties in displaying items. Due to the fact that acrylic allows plenty of lights to pass through, therefore you get a dynamic view over the displayed item. We have been working very closely with different business owners over the years. Based on experience our display showcases are usually customized to showcase collectibles, sunglasses, cosmetics, delicate objects etc. Our acrylic display showcase ensures that the object stands out, with supplemental lighting to further enhance the display item.

Laser Cut Acrylic 3D letters and logos are clean and modern when comes to acrylic signage display. The acrylic materials are cost effective and built to last. As one the best acrylic signage companies in Malaysia, we offer 3D lettering or 3D wording for your acrylic signage in varying size and mounting options. Our acrylic 3D letters and 3D wording are laser cut with precision, allowing us to create intricate shapes that translate well regardless of size. Laser cutting technology allows for very creative artwork to materialize. With its precise cutting trajectory, we are now able to recreate 3D Lettering and 3D Wording by using laser cutting. We are able to recreate such 3D artwork from up to 10mm of acrylic sheets. At Craft Render, we make sure that we only use continuous laser cutting with extreme precision and consistency. We will feed the laser machine with a vector file of the lettering desired, which will consists of the exact dimensions and font types. In recent years, laser cut 3D lettering is gaining quick popularity for what it is able to achieve. Not just aesthetically stunning, laser cut 3D letters are also more durable since they come in larger and thicker blocks. Their application spills through signage, marketing exhibits, logo etc. Compared to traditional methods, laser cutting technology for 3D lettering and 3D wording allows more room for creation and ideation.

Acrylic 3D Lettering is a great choice to display your company's name and logo for your signage. With polished edges from precise laser cut, they can portray a classy and modern feel compared to traditional 2D signage. All the letters are precisely cut with polished edges and they are available in multitude of colour variations. As for thickness, we usually advise to go not over 10mm in thickness. These acrylic 3D wording is very durable and light weight, so they can be installed very easily with good amount of flexibility. They can be fixated on walls, or other standees. 3D signage allows your company to stand out from the crowd, be it in a crowded street of competitors, or in an exhibition. These are high impacted 3D lettering solutions to gain eyeballs, indoor or outdoor due to acrylic's high translucent characteristics. Craft Render's laser cut 3D Lettering / 3D wording solution is a complete well thought package, where you can have fabricated graphics, letters, fonts, and logo based on your requirements. We specilaize in laser cutting acrylic, where we will be able to professionally advise the colours and finished that goes into your final acrylic products. For more information, please feel free to browse through the rest of our website and catalogue.

They are very powerful as a marketing tool. A high quality display showcase can enhance not just as your ordinary store fixtures, but also helps exhibition pass by-ers to pay attention to your merchandizes. We judge a book by its cover, a person by its attire, and same goes to your sales item. We are confident that our display showcase will help you draw customer and sales in. Acrylic display showcases emulates the elegance once dominated by glass fixtures, but now with extra durability and mold-ability. We offer to huge range of display showcase, ranging from different sizes and styles to full customization to your exhibition and marketing needs.

Business owners always come to us when they need a convenient solution to display information to customers in a convenient way. They are pretty much versatile in protecting the item while still offer a decent viewing experience. We have been supplying display showcases to pharmacies, retail outlets, restaurants, and counting. It is an easy way to put a lot of information in front of your customer without overwhelming them. See our ecatalog for more ideas on Acrylic Display Showcase.

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