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Acrylic Floor Stand

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Acrylic floor stands are very versatile in size and style. Floor stands are very popular among retail stores and exhibition centers. These floor stands are best used in displaying posters, bulletins, merchandizes, posters, restaurant menus, brochures and magazines. It has endless possibilities to your marketing needs; it could be a frame sidewalk stands and banner stands – and numerous other sign holders and floor stand displays for outdoor and indoor use. These are very tough acrylics in making to bring a durable floor stand in practical usages.

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    Acrylic Specialist – Craft Render

    Craft Render is a Malaysia acrylic display company specializes in acrylic display products, acrylic showcase, display showcase and acrylic cosmetic showcase. Craft Render since its inception as a small production outfit...


    Acrylic Services We Provide

    We offer a wide range of product showcase and acrylic display product services to help you grow your brand. From concept to production to assembly, our professionals will assist you in making the right choices that optimize your brand presence...